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Market & Alternative Investments

Market Based Investments

We offer access to a wide array of market traded investments. mutual funds, equities, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETF's) and more.   

We also have access to institutional money managers unavailable to retail investors. We have partnered with these institutional investors and research firms to help us create custom strategies that we deploy with our clients to better enable us to manage risk and capture returns in any market environment.

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments are defined as any investments beyond the traditional categories of stocks, bonds, and cash. Generally speaking, alternative investments don't "behave" in the same manner as market-based investments.  They usually have a low or zero-correlation to the stock market as they do not move in tandem with the public markets.

The category of alternative investments is extremely broad. Until recently, they were  only available to institutional investors. Now we can leverage the characteristics of these various non-market-correlated strategies to potentially enhance the returns and reduce the risk of our clients' portfolios.

Some examples of the kinds of alternative investments we work with are commercial real estate investments, oil and gas royalty programs, and private equities.